Fortec Motorsport was able to show its pace and potential this weekend (May 24-26), as Alex Berg was given the Pirelli Hardest Charger award after some excellent overtaking efforts.

On Wednesday the team travelled to Snetterton for testing where the weekend’s F4 British Championship races were being held, before Alex, Kai Daryanan, and Nina Gademan tackled two final practice sessions on Friday.

Qualifying was held on Saturday morning where there were a few rain showers but fortunately there was no delay to the start of the session. However, the wet track proved to be a challenge and the drivers placed 18th and 19th for Kai and Nina, while Alex would finish 21st.

It was a great start to race one for the Canadian racer, as he made eight places moving himself up the grid into 12th on lap one. Nina stalled at the start but considering the chaos around them, both she and Kai did well to stay out of trouble and cross the line without losing positions. At the chequered flag Alex finished in 11th, Nina 16th, and Kai 18th.

On lap two of a wet race two, there was contact in front of Alex, but he manged to escape unscathed. There was a Safety Car with nine minutes to go, but on the restart, Alex spun on the slippery track and fell to the bottom of the pack, finishing in 20th. Kai had a great recovery drive in the closing stages, making up a superb ten positions to cross the line in eighth place. Nina was close to a rookie podium but unfortunately missed out, finishing fourth of the Rookies and 13th overall.

The final race of the weekend featured two Safety Cars in the early stages. Kai had a good restart and was on the back of the car in front, however he suffered a gear issue which meant he dropped down to 19th place. Following this there was heavy rain and thunderstorms and as all cars were on slicks, the race was red flagged, and all cars came into the pits for an early finish.

Considering the difficult weekend congratulations are in order for Alex who after winning the Pirelli Hardest Charger award has earned a set of Pirelli P Zero tyres for testing. The team are delighted that was recognised after gaining the most overtakes across races one and three, making up a total of 14 positions.

The F4 British side of team will be out next at Thruxton, over July 7-9, for rounds 10, 11, and 12 of the season.

Alex Berg – #48

Race 1: Start – 20 Result – 11
Race 2: Start – 20 Result – 20
Race 3: Start – 20 Result – 13

Championship: 18 (9 points)

“The rain at Snetterton made it quite a bit harder for me to improve and try to learn, as it’s a difficult track to get used to in the wet, but I did the best that I could. After having a rough start to the weekend, we seemed to be off the pace and it’s unfortunate to have another race weekend like this. But I’m going to take the positives out of it and learn what I can apply it to the next one. I am pleased to have won the Pirelli Hardest Charger award, as it’s a huge positive to take out away.”

Nina Gademan – #3

Race 1: Start – 17 Result – 16 (Rookie 6)
Race 2: Start – 19 Result – 13 (Rookie 4)
Race 3: Start – 19 Result – 16 (Rookie 7)

Championship Points: 17 (11 points)
Rookie Cup: 6 (47 points)

“In qualifying we found out that the brake bias was too far to the back, but we had good pace in the wet on the first day and then didn’t come through in qualifying. I started near the back for the first race, stalled at the start, then had to come back from last to P16 so that wasn’t bad.

“Race two was wet. I started in P19 and had some good overtakes. Some people were spinning out and we got up P13 which is a decent result coming from near the back. The third race it was dry in the first part. I overtook a couple of people on the first lap before the Safety Car. After that I fell back a little bit, which was a shame, and then it started raining and unfortunately the race was stopped.”

Kai Daryanani – #8

Race 1: Start – 18 Result – 18
Race 2: Start – 18 Result – 8
Race 3: Start – 18 Result – 19

Championship: 13 (15 points)

“Qualifying was quite difficult with the rain as I struggled a lot in terms of personal confidence, but race one I had a good start. I got at least five or six positions, but I as hit from behind and I was facing the wrong way out of turn one. If it wasn’t for that I think there could have been points.

“Race two was decent. We started from P18, so we knew it would be difficult, but I got up to P8, made some good moves, and avoided some big incidents that happened ahead. In the last race I had a good start off the line and made it up to P12 from P18. After the Safety Car I had a good restart and was on the back of the car in front, but then I went into turn one and I couldn’t downshift at all. I had no gears and unfortunately, we had to bring the car into the pits and as we did, the heavens opened and the race was red flagged.”